Pirongia School

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Back Row: Lou Tamaki, Margaret Uerata, Gloria King, Violet Armstrong, Gwen Jones, Dawn Campbell, Topa Tamaki, Rita Jone, ? Campbell, -, -, Polly Tamaki, -,- , Faith Tamaki, Emma Hubert, Dawn Loader, -, -, -.
Second Row: Mr.Fergus White(Headmaster), -,-,-,-,-,-, Edith Ormsby, Joy Turner, Ata Tamaki, Gwen Livingstone, -,-,-,-,-, Hector Anderson
Third Row:Ms Marshall, -, - Turner, -,-,-,-, Ken Livingstone, -, Bill Bromell, Jim Taniwha, -, -, -, -, -, -, Ms
Fourth Row: -,-,-,-,-,-, Joe Tamaki, Murry Mounsey, Mario Tamaki, Frank Turner, -,-,-,-,-
Front Row:-, ? Tamaki, -,-,-, Alma Foster, Nelda Bray, -,-,-,-,-, Frnaces Tamaki, -,-,-,-,-,-, Aroha Tamaki
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Names associated with photograph provided by Janice Gibson.
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